Preventative Care

Dental cleanings, toothaches, general consultations

Restorative Care

Tooth restoration


Curing diseases and conditions that affect teeth structures

Orthodontic Treatment

Treatment of improper bites and crooked teeth

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Spring Hill Dental is a preventative and minimal intervention oriented dental practice.

Our priority is to provide quality and caring services in a calm, comfortable and relaxed setting. By providing patients with quality options and honest opinions, you can be assured in receiving the most sensitive and delicate approach to your dental needs by the gentle hands of Dr Peter Wong.


Apart from offering a wide range of cosmetic dentistry, preventative and restorative dental care, we also have special interests in the treatment of sporting and dental emergencies.

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Services we provide

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At Spring Hill Dental, we make every effort to make your dental experience one that exceeds your expectations. By ensuring that the correct measures are taken in the everyday care of your teeth, the likelihood of dental problems can be greatly reduced. Severely damaged or decayed teeth can negatively impact on your overall dental well-being and if left untreated, these problems can lead to serious issues including gum disease, tooth breakage and even tooth-loss.

General dentistry is an integral part of our dental care, as it keeps larger problems at bay by detecting and addressing issues early on. Our highly experienced team of dental professionals can help our valued patients look after their dental health with high quality treatments.

We provide you with personalised dental treatment that is specific to your requirements. The years of our experience combined with advanced techniques and technology will give the best results that you deserve.

Our experience makes all the difference

With over twenty years’ experience in the dental industry, our services are guaranteed to put a smile on your face!

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Brisbane’s most trusted dentist, Dr Peter Wong has built his reputation on over 20 years of excellent dental practice and oral healthcare, focusing on first-class patient services

Honest, caring and quality dental care

An Accredited Practice – Broad Range of Health Providers

Spring Hill Dental is an accredited dental practice that offers you a wide range of dental services, supported by a wide selection of various health covers.

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